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Kilroy's College - distance education college Ireland

Kilroys College offers an online facility for delivery of our courses. Students of selected courses can upload assignments, perform online assessments and use the online discussion forums to interact with students and tutors alike.

Distance Learning is now a real alternative study choice as it has worked very well for thousands of our students over the years. In fact you can easily double your study time not having to travel to and from classes.

A job for life is now a thing of the past so on-going learning and regularly acquiring new skills is the new reality, hence we have a huge growth in the popularity of Distance Learning.

Kilroy’s College is the only Education Institution that can offer you the unique opportunity of Distance Learning over a whole range of Adult Education and Leaving Certificate courses. Kilroy’s College has been educating through distance learning for 90 years. We are committed to high standards of quality assurance and are recognised as a registered QQI course provider.

Distance Learning offers flexibility that enables students to arrange their studies around their work and their families. Students decide how they can best plan their time to do their assignments and how and when they will study; they are in the driving seat, always supported by a team of very experienced tutors and student advisors. We pride ourselves not only on offering excellent and interesting courses, but also on our commitment to our students while they engage in a Kilroy’s College course.

Distance Learning suits today’s busy lifestyles with people working long hours and perhaps with young children to look after as well. It’s the only way to maximise your spare time as study time. As well as work oriented courses it is probably the wide range of the Adult Education courses that Kilroy’s College offers that makes it's Prospectus such interesting reading.

Advantages of the Kilroy's College Online service

  • A cheaper, faster and more convenient alternative to full time education
  • Talk to your fellow students on-line
  • Enjoy easy access to tutors' support
  • Instant feedback for online assessment
  • Simultaneously develop computer skills
  • Content available online
  • Explore further resourses in your chosen area
  • Live online news feeds available

To learn more about our range of courses, please visit Kilroy's College main website for more information.